i'm judging youWriter and blogger, Luvvie Ajayi is a well spoken and intelligent human being who understands sides of this country and this world that many would never see in their lifetime unless they worked incredibly hard to find it. I picked up this book from an airport bookshop, mainly due to the fact that it addresses crucial issues our society faces and I wanted to drop it off for my mother who I was visiting for Christmas.

What I found in Luvvie’s words was a woman determined to improve the world by getting important information out to those who need it. I have nothing but respect for this book. It’s well written, informative, and touches base on very important subjects and issues this world faces including racsism, sexism, homophobia, beauty standards, and more.

I’d like to note that this is not an end all to being informed on some of the issues this world and the people in it face. If you want to be informed and beneficial to society, reading Luvvie’s book and nothing else isn’t enough. But it’s a great place to start. I gave this book to my thirteen year old brother in the hopes of enlightening him on issues that our parents failed wholly on instilling in me.

I had vaguely minor irritations on the repetition of the phrase “I’m judging…(etc.)” and Luvvie’s tendency to write colloquially using her own made up words to represent what I assume is an accent slang. I’ve never been a fan of that sort of thing in writing and tend to dislike books for doing that. Luvvie keeps it to a minimum, however, and does explain each of the slang terms she introduces.

In the end this is truly a do better manual. And if you were ever looking for a way to become a more informed, good human being, read her book. She’ll set you on the right path to start.


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