Ugh. So many good things. So many bad things. **Spoiler Alert**

The most important thing I have to say currently is that when an author, in an attempt to make a character appealing ultimately makes the first impression of him jerk-ish and gross/dirty unless they very explicitly find a way to combat those aspects of our first introduction to him, he is not a viable love interest.

I’m sorry, but the wearing the same shirt every day implies a lack of hygiene. And while I understand that it was supposed to hold this super important meaning and make us feel for him, we learned this meaning far too late in the book for it to remove the question of whether or not he ever washed his clothes. Trust me, a small comment where the MC wonders if he has someone to wash his shirt for him so he can wear the same item of clothing every damn day of the year isn’t enough to wash the UGH and EW out of my mind.

I feel as though our first impression of Ethan destroyed the entire book for me. Buxbaum had great writing at times, though admittedly wasn’t perfect by any means, and some pretty wonderful quotes and moments of characterization. In fact, I really loved her characters for the most part. But the paltry ending she gave us and Ethan’s terrible introduction creates something so subpar that I cannot help being extremely disappointed with this novel.

To give the author credit where credit is due, Tell Me Three Things is rather impressive for a debut. Then again, I’ve seen debut novels that are much, much better.

*So much potential.
*Disastrous ending.
*Horrible love interest.
*Promising author–I hope to see better in the future.

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