I’ve been lucky enough to have gotten three of the books I ordered in the past two days, which admittedly puts me a little further behind on my to-read list (not that I mind at all!), but I just wanted to share it. I’ve already gone and posted them to instagram, but it’s not really my preferred platform. Anyway, cue my excessive screaming because…
Marissa Meyer’s Wires and Nerve Volume 2: Gone Rogue is officially in my hands! I can say without question that I’ve been ridiculously excited about getting this book basically since the last one came out and we were all left with the understanding that there would be more to come. I’ve made no secret of my absolute love for Marissa Meyer and her works, particularly that of The Lunar Chronicles, and I am so super thrilled to finally have it. It’s three days late, but such is the expectation of pre-ordering.

I can say without a doubt that I will be putting basically all my other reads on hold while I read this one since I’m desperately excited to read more Thorne and Cress (hopefully). 😍 I love Iko, but I’m not gonna pretend I don’t have favorites, lol.

IMG_0490The Unexpected and Highly Misguided Theory of Everything by June Rossaert was written by a girl I’ve known for a few years know and I’m really excited to have a copy. I haven’t read the whole thing just yet, but it’s definitely on my to-do for February. The second I’ve already read and if you haven’t read All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill just yet, I highly suggest that you do! It’s an amazing and emotional tale about time travel and the potential dangers it can have on not only the world, but people as well.

I haven’t written a review for it yet, but trust me when I say it’s one of those books that sticks with you.

Any amazing book hauls for you guys recently?

Happy reading everyone!

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