I just wanted to quickly consolidate all my posts for the week here. I did quite a lot of posting, more than I’ve done since I started this blog, really. I’ve participated in a few reading challenges, started my first read along, and talked a lot about books.

Listed below are all the blog posts from this week, just in case anyone missed them and wanted to go back to read.

24in48: That One Book You’ve Always Had But Never Read

24in48: Actual Bookends

24in48: Best and Wost Covers [and 24 Hours Reached!]

(Book Review #33) The One Apart [by Justine Avery]

Blog Organization – And Things to Come!

Currently Reading Update (#1)

Brave [by Rose McGowan] (Interjection #1) and #MeToo Essays [by Lori Perkins]

We Need to Talk About… (#1) …the Gone Series [by Michael Grant]

The Secret Life of a Book Blogger (Tag Train #1)

Once Upon a January (Monthly Wrap Up #1)

25 Books to Read Before You Turn 25 (Book Check #1)

Eyes Like Stars (Book Cover Appreciation #1)

(Monthly Read-a-Long: Feb) A Court of Thorns and Roses

(Book Review #34) The Rebirth of Francesca [by Yoleen Valai]

30 Books to Read Before You Turn 30 (Book Check #2)

Mailbox Excitement! (A Book Haul)

Cyborgs and Monsters and Facts (Weekly Wrap-Up #1)

When You’re Just Not Good Enough (Book Tag #2)

And that’s a wrap!

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