This blog has kind of been through a lot lately, from name changes to starting my very first readalong! It’s certainly been a lot of fun. Now, as per the timeline we should all have reached the 25% (or page 104) mark at some point this Thursday. Now, its only Tuesday so don’t feel down if you’re not there yet. In fact, you really don’t have to be there at all, since its more of a guideline to help you finish the book by the end of the month and a way for me to hold discussions only about portions of the book.

I, myself, have only read 18% so far, but there’s two more days of reading before I absolutely have to have finished the first quarter of the book. How are you guys doing? What percentage (page) are you at? Do you enjoy the book so far?

Before I get into my own opinion and answers, I’d like to officially announce that I am going to be hosting a giveaway of this very book at the end of the month. I’ve decided this will be done via rafflecopter where you can enter once simply if you would like to win the book, twice if you follow me, three times if you read the book with me (you must comment on at least one of the five readalong posts), and a fourth time if you’ve written a review prior to the review cut-off date which can be found in the timeline post for this readalong here. Please be honest when including your entries. I will be posting the official giveaway on February 27th and it will run until March 8th.

I’m finding the book interesting so far. IMG_0451Feyre (fey rah, right?) is definitely a wonderfully strong female lead and though admittedly I was a little off put at the differences between her and Belle at first, I ended up really liking them. There’s definitely an endearing quality to her, which I’m grateful for since I’ve noticed that hunter girls can usually be hit or miss with me.

I think, thus far, though, my favorite character has got to be Tamlin. He doesn’t really have the beast-like qualities that most “Beasts” do in retellings of this story. In fact, I could hardly say he has any anger issues whatsoever, which I think has been a rather prominent theme when it comes to this story. I really appreciate how his genuine kindness shows through, even as he faces a person who has wronged him so horribly. It puts a whole new brilliant spin on the idea of others thinking him a horrible monstrous beast when it simply takes knowing him to understand the truth.

I have to admit, though, (and I suppose this is a MILD spoiler), I had a right good laugh at the bit about the masks that the fae wore. I don’t know what about it was so amusing to me, but the whole thing just made me giggle.

Now, I often do this thing while I read where I give the book its rating prior to finishing it and the book can earn or lose stars as I continue along. Often times, most books begin with four stars, mainly because I think a book must have done something to really move me emotionally or impress me as a reader and writer to earn a five star rating. Excessive grammatical errors, poor writing, poor plot points, bad characters, and more usually cause a book to lose stars.

At this current moment, A Court of Thorns and Roses is a solid 4 star book for me. I’m excited to see where it goes. Please feel free to comment and discuss the book below! Let me know what you think so far, answer the questions I asked above! Happy reading, everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Those Masks Though; A Court of Thorns and Roses (Readalong Tuesday Update #1) [and future giveaway!]

  1. I just finished this as well and have a review up on my blog! I’m so glad you liked this as well and let me tell you that Book 2 is waaaay more awesome! I love it 😍 I just started the last book and so far it’s still good but I can’t wait to finish the whole trilogy 😁😊 awesome review by the way ❤

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