It’s Friday!! Show of hands (or really, probably not), who’s decided to celebrate with a bit of time outside? I didn’t, since I’m clearly sitting here writing a post instead, but I actually did consider it. It’s been getting warmer for me the past couple days (thank everything that I moved back to California cause I don’t think I could have handled another winter in Maine -shudders-),

Second show of hands; who has heard of the Amazon Hub?

IMG_0563Honestly, I’d love it more if it weren’t for the fact that it terrifies me a bit about Amzon taking over…but I digress. The Hub is friggin cool. It’s this new package pick-up system where the post office stuffs your package into a box upon delivery and you get an email when it’s arrived with a pick up code to punch into that little screen there. And then, almost adorably, a little door pops open and there’s your package!

I kind of giggled a bit when I picked mine up.

IMG_0562Anyway, so my apartment just got this Amazon Hub and so I went and picked up this lovely free copy of Roomies by Christina Lauren. I’ve only just started reading it last night to go to bed and I’m already more than a quarter of the way through. It’s actually much better than I expected, considering the fact that it’s premise is very romantic comedy-ish.

Gonna spend most of today finishing it, I think.

Have any of you read Roomies? What did you think?

Happy reading, everyone! ❤️


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4 thoughts on “Taking Over the World and Other Endeavors (Book Haul #3)

  1. Haven’t read that yet, but I will eventually! And I don’t know where you are in California but down south it is been downright hot! I absolutely could not live anywhere else! 🌞

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    1. I’m up North, so the weather can be a bit chilly at times, but it really depends on the week. It’s been getting a lot warmer and it’s so nice. XD

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      1. Yes Northern California is like an entirely different state! We’ve had a very very warm winter although it’s a little cooler this week, it actually even rained for about two hours, LOL

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