It’s Movie Moments Monday! A time for me to sit back and have a little chat about some of the things I’ve been watching or am excited to watch and I’m here today to give you guys an update on the film I wrote about last week as it’s now officially out and I’ve had the chance to watch it.

So, if you’ve been following along with me at all, you’ll know I came across the trailer for a Netflix film that appeared to be discussing some deeply disturbing issues regarding the friendzone and one guy thinking that it was somehow okay to go back in time and change history so that he could end up with the “girl of his dreams,” the best friend whom in the original timeline was celebrating her engagement to another man.

I had my misgivings about it, clearly, and if you’re at all interested in that you can always go back and read my original post When We First Met [Netflix Original] and What’s Problematic About It. And I am happy to say that the film managed to touch on an issue that is very prevalent in our society and address it in a manner that is respectful and shows that society can learn.

The premise still brings to light a deeply problematic issue, that of the entitlement a man feels to an intimate relationship with a girl who is his friend. So often I find myself infuriated by men who whine about the friendzone, creating hostile environments for women and on occasion pushing them to no longer desire any male/female friendships. Now, the movie doens’t focus on that, but rather a man who is deeply upset at his friend’s engagement party and makes a wish that he could relive the night they met in order to be the “guy she would want.”

The thing that I find most important about this story is that, even when we make mistakes that come from a faulty understanding of compassion and friendship, we have an amazing capacity to learn and grow from those mistakes. And I would like to believe that there is an opportunity for every man to realize what is wrong with the toxic idea of the friendzone.

I am thoroughly relieved and ecstatic that this movie highlights personal growth and am happy to say that I would recommend it as a watch for just about everyone.

Happy reading! ❤️

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