I have a pretty long history of getting emotional at movies and have been known to cry during quite a number of them. Most recently, knowing what I was in store for, I watched the Netflix Original Irreplaceable You. Now, if you haven’t heard about this one yet, you’re going to want to. I remember a few years back when I read a letter written by a woman who was dying of cancer to whoever would begin a relationship with her husband after she was gone. And from the very first moment I saw the trailer for this movie, that is what I thought of.

Irreplaceable You is a very poignant and heart-wrenching film that I personally believe is a must-see for just about everyone. I did quite a lot of crying last night as I watched it as well as a wonderful amount of laughing at the very beginning. The movie opens with the characters as children and tells their love story, one that is soon interrupted by the young woman learning that she has cancer.

Thus begins her journey to find the perfect woman for her fiancee to move on with once she is gone.

And here are the reasons why I loved this movie and why you should watch it, too:
  1. The story — the film has a wonderful and poignant theme throughout its entirety. It tackles real and hard to deal with issues that surround getting the diagnosis and facing the possible end to one’s future as well as the struggles dealing with the imminent loss of a loved one. I don’t think that the movie was long enough to fully capture all the deep and important intricacies, but in a way that is kind of good as it matches the theme of not having the time to finish living.
  2. Diversity — I won’t give a ton of points to this film for diversity since ultimately there’s still a very skewed perspective and there are only two people of color in the film. However, it’s pretty rare that I see interracial couples anywhere in regular media and it honestly made me feel really good about the film as a whole. I wish there had been more diversity and I think every film requires and deserves to step away from whitewashing, but it meant something to me to be able to watch a film that didn’t pin it down to a place a lot of films go where people are typically in relationships with someone who shares their ethnicity. (My next request is for films to feature interracial relationships where the guy isn’t always the white one.)
  3. Feels — There’s no way to avoid it, this one has so many emotions running through it and honestly, I think most people should expect to cry while watching it. I always enjoy films that make me really feel something, and so in that respect, I can’t help but feel truly pleased with this movie.
  4. That ending, though — I won’t spoil anything. I’m sure a few of us already have our guesses as to how this movie will end and I reckon it’s not hard to end up being right about it. However, this was the best cancer film ending that I have ever seen in my entire life. It was exceedingly poignant and clever as far as I’m concerned. Whoever wrote this script kept the theme going until the end and it was impressive in an emotional and heartbreaking way.
  5. Daario Naharis — Okay, so I admit, this is a silly reason to recommend a film. But oh my goodness, it was Daario Naharis!! The second one, though, not the original. And the funny thing was that I didn’t even notice until I looked him up on IMDB. He looks SO different sans beard and plus glasses. It was truly, deeply wonderful to experience him in such a vastly different character.

Anyway, it’s worth watching. The trailer is below for anyone who wants to watch it.

Happy reading, everyone!

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