At this point, I can’t even count or recall the number of articles and threads I’ve read discussing the shooting situation in Parkland. I imagine many of them have certainly made their points much more eloquently than I ever could. I am so proud of the kids who have taken it upon themselves to be strong voices in the matter at hand and I truly hope that something will actually be done this time around.

We’ve got tons of people arguing all over the place about what action should be taken in response and I find myself more and more disgusted with every person who seems to think that gun control is something this country should never have. And every single one of them is selfish. At the end of the day, no matter how they argue it, they care more about owning a gun than they do about the lives of children. And I am sick of it.

When someone is out there murdering, the right response is not to whine about the weapons no one is actually taking away from them, it is to do everything within your power to prevent those murders. It’s so difficult for me to even comprehend how anyone who believes they are a good person could ever put their own selfish desires for a weapon the majority of us will never actually use for protection above people who are getting brutally murdered on a regular basis. Owning a gun should not be a right for the entire world, it should be a privilege for those responsible, intelligent, and mentally sound enough to have one.

I don’t understand how that concept is so hard for so many people to grasp.

We aren’t even guaranteed health care as a right, a disgusting facet of our government that just like the gun laws is controlled solely by people in power who don’t give a crap about anything aside from how much money is in their pockets. There is a kid, Anthony Borges, currently in the hospital from a number of bullet wounds he got while protecting his fellow classmates. And he is not guaranteed health care. Were it not for the wonderful people donating to cover his medical costs, I am positive that his family would go deep into debt trying to pay for it. And that’s so far beyond messed up.

But lives aren’t as important as our guns, right? At least, that seems to be the rhetoric of every conservative gun owner out there.

As far as I’m concerned, the path forward is clear. But the problem with politics, a problem I myself have fallen into time and time again, is that a lot of us give up the fight after a while. We stop talking about the issues because we feel like we won’t make a difference, time passes and we forget to keep bringing it up. And the only thing I can think to say at the end of everything that has been going on is that it needs to keep going.

We can’t stop demanding change. We cannot stop talking about this issue. The moment we do, we allow ourselves to fall into a cycle where we have to deal with the same problem over and over and over again and nothing ever gets done about it. I am so proud of every kid who is fighting this, proud of every single person who is standing up against the wrongs that the NRA has pushed on this country all because they want more money from the people they’re helping to murder.

They think it’s a brilliant idea to arm our teachers, that somehow putting more guns in people’s hands is going to solve these problems. It’s a lie. Even the people fully qualified and capable of handling a gun couldn’t solve this. Arming teachers is not going to stop the shootings, it’s merely going to increase the number of people who get shot. But bravo to the NRA, because they’ll be getting more money and don’t care about who gets hurt as a result.

And I did not mean to go on about this for as long as I had, but I wanted to at least say that the important thing we all need to recognize about the situation that has occurred is the people who have stood up to talk about it who didn’t before today. And we need to keep talking until something changes. I don’t mean that this discussion should be had and then forgotten about until another shooting comes up. I mean that we cannot stop demanding change until we get it. It’s the only way the world is ever going to improve.

Don’t leave it to Trump or the Republicans who are pushing the NRA’s agenda. Don’t leave it to the people in power who only care enough to offer their thoughts and prayers for a few weeks (hours, really) before they once again ignore all the blood that’s been spilled. Force them to do something. I’m going to try as hard as I can. We all should.

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