It’s Cover Love Friday and boy do I have a cover for you guys! This is a book from my childhood that I somehow managed to lose at some point and finally, after a bit of searching, managed to find a copy of that had the very same cover as my copy did when I was a kid. IMG_0609I can’t tell you how utterly ecstatic I am about the fact that I own a copy of this book. I loved the story when I was young and while I admittedly haven’t read it since–I really should, though–the cover of this book is so creative and unique that it is basically better than any other cover I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Now, it looks a little unassuming and kind of bland at first glance. And I totally get that. There’s really not a lot going on and it’s a little weird that there’s just this random eye (yeah, it’s an eye…I didn’t know at first either) sitting there right behind the text. What could possibly be so interesting about that?

Well, as pictured below, you’ll see that this book opens in a very special and beautiful way. And really, I’ve been in love with this cover from the moment I got my hands on it. This book is worth having on my shelf for that aspect alone. What a plus that I enjoyed it so much when I was younger!

Emotional nostalgic moments really get me and I personally just think this book is the absolute best. What do you guys think?

Happy reading, everyone!

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