This is sort of a new thing on my end, and it might be a little silly but I’m rather fond of the idea at the moment so for now since I don’t actually own a real fox but have a rather substantial stuffed toy fox collection and this blog is literally named after my love for foxes, I’m going to be including them in more of my pictures as time goes on. So, if I get a book in the mail (and I think for the quotes box posts as well) I’m going to be including one of my stuffies.

For this book haul, The Other Side is a book that features an exciting story that comes from the imaginings about space and those who inhabit it. I’m pretty excited about this one, despite the fact that I’m not going to be able to read it any time especially soon since I have a number of other books to get to first. But the thing is, I absolutely love space.

It’s a fascinating universe we have surrounding us and as an avid lover of both fiction and space itself, naturally I’d be thrilled at reading any well-written book that centers around such themes. And Reader Fox is super excited, too. 😋

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