The month is almost up which means it’s very well near the time that we end Reader Fox’s first Monthly Readalong! It’s been really fun for me to feature a book for an entire month, posting updates about the progress I’ve made with the book. I know I finished this one early (and really, who could blame me?) but I’m incredibly pleased with this small project of mine, even if it turns out I don’t think I had a large participation group.

I’m still planning to continue the Monthly Readalongs, in fact, if you check out this page you can still vote for the March Readalong book. Voting is open until March 1st at which point the majority will decide which book is being read or I will choose at random if there are no votes.

IMG_0451As for A Court of Thorns and Roses, we are coming to an end. If you followed the timeline, you should be finishing this book sometime between tomorrow and the end of Thursday, however, there’s no requirement for anyone to have actually finished the book in order to receive the participation entries in the giveaway.

Speaking of which!

Below is the rafflecopter giveaway I’ve been talking about. I decided to open it to entries a day early. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but single entries are offered for anyone who wants the book, one each for those who follow me either here or on Twitter, and one for anyone who has reviewed this book.

Additionally, if you participated in my readalong–so basically, if you read the book this month–and commented on one of the quarterly updates (or the initial post that began the Readalong) which can be found here, you qualify for two additional entries in the giveaway! If you participated and haven’t commented, that’s fine, just comment below to indicate that you read the book with me this month and please be honest.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My final thoughts regarding the ending: there may be spoilers below this point.

I was pretty amazed by the time I finished reading this book. I think it certainly started off a bit slow but by the end I was devouring each page. I had initially vehemently disliked Rhysand, thinking him a rather disgusting and abhorrent character. The “acts” he forced Feyre to do for him made me extremely uncomfortable. I think, however, in her own way Maas gives her readers the ability to forgive him because at the end of the day he is working within the rules of his realm in order to fight back against the tyrant who has taken control of their world.

And I can admire that.

What I cannot admire, however, is the fact that he did not release Feyre from her promise after everything was settled. And herein lies my reluctance to read the second book. Usually, when I enjoy a book to the point that I can’t put it down near the end, I immediately pick up the second one if it is available. With this series, I did not. I have to admit I am deeply uncomfortable with the idea of a love triangle in the second book. I liked how this one ended, I appreciated the real emotions that the characters had. And there was something especially poignant about Feyre and Tamlin’s love.

And a love triangle would ultimately cheapen that love and everything Feyre and Tamlin went through in the first book.

That said, my favorite scene in this particular portion of the book was the one in which Feyre couldn’t read the riddle. I’m not sure what it was that I found so endearing about that moment, but even in spite of the fact that she and Lucien nearly died, I was really impressed and in love with this piece of Feyre that I had genuinely not been quite fond of when the book began.

I definitely think this was a fantastic book and I would recommend it to friends. In the end, I gave it five stars.

And now for you guys! What did you think? Had you read this book before? Will you read the sequel, if you haven’t already? What was your favorite part of the whole book?

Until next time, happy reading!

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2 thoughts on “This Trial Would Be So Much Easier if I Could Read [Fourth Quarter] (Readalong Update) + Giveaway!

  1. I was super hesitant about the second book as well because I loved what Tamlin and Feyre had, but the second book blew me out of the water and is my favorite of the series. It’s very much worth giving it a shot!


  2. The second book is actually my favorite one!! I had a lot of the same thoughts as you after reading this one for the first time.


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