We’re almost a week into March and if you’ve been following along, you’ll know that means you should have started this month’s readalong, Everless by Sara Holland. If you’re following the timeline, by this upcoming Thursday you should be about 25% of the way through this book, which would put you at page 92 at the end of the day. If you want to keep track of the timeline, remember to bookmark this page for future reference, though I will be putting in reminders in each quarterly update.

And remember that all the information for the monthly readalongs can be found via the link at the top of the page, though I have also included it here: Read With Me! [Monthly].IMG_0589

Remember, I host a giveaway at the end of each month for the book we just read OR you may choose to get a copy of the next month’s book instead. This is still a work in progress, of course, and will hopefully be more clear and easy in the future. The current giveaway for a copy of either A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas OR Everless is currently being held and you can find that (and the rules) here. There’s just a little over a day left to enter!

I hope you all have been enjoying Everless so far! Remember to comment to let me know that you’re joining the readalong so that you can have the bonus three entries for the giveaway at the end of the month!


Regarding the book (so spoilers!);


Everless has gotten off to an interesting start. I think the world building was well done, though I haven’t yet made up my mind on the main character who I’ve found vaguely annoying at times. There’s this weird disconnect I feel with the fact that she’s constantly thinking about Roan despite the fact that she hasn’t seen him in years and he’s barely even in the novel at this point. I think I’ve only met him once?

I’m constantly pulling up comparisons to the film In Time, which follows a similar plot regarding the idea that one’s life is connected to the amount of time they have which they use as a currency, ultimately leaving a small group of people with a disproportionate amount of time. I think what Everless does well that In Time does not is that it explains where all this “time” is coming from. From what I understand, everyone is born with a set amount of time and they can sell it, which ultimately leads to some people using the time of others to infinitely prolong their lives, though it doesn’t seem to work forever.

I think the story definitely has a lot of potential, and Harding has done a wonderful job with most of it. Readers are immediately brought to hate the cruel Liam and feel for Roan despite the fact that it takes quite some time to meet him. I have a stronger emotional connection with Jules’ friend, Amma, than I do with her, though. And I don’t see this working out well for the main character unless she becomes more likable.

As always, when I begin a book, I start with the understanding that it has a default of four stars, which I may ultimately remove if there are holes in the characters/plot/writing/etc. I only add stars when I have been impressed by the book itself. Currently, if I were to rate Everless this instant, I would likely give it three stars. We’ll have to see if that changes.

And now for you guys! What did you think? How has your introduction to this book been? Do you like anyone? Hate anyone? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, happy reading!

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