ahIt’s Sunday! Which means it’s time to talk set aside the books and talk about the people behind them. Today I’ve decided to feature Anthony Horowitz, someone who has written a large number of books that I’ve deeply enjoyed throughout my childhood. I’m not sure how popular the vast majority of his books have been, barring the Alex Rider series which appears to be his most well known. At the end of the day, Horowitz is pretty impressive as a writer.

rgMy two favorite book series of his are the Gatekeeper (The Power of Five) Series and the Alex Rider Series. The first is a rather fantastical and dark tale about five kids with powers who are destined to save the world, though this is a very minimal description. There are dark and dangerous creatures out to destroy them in order to release the evil Old Ones in order to take over and control everything. This is one of those book series that really impressed me, especially in the depiction of time travel that occurs later on in the series.

sbAlex Rider is simply a guilty pleasure of mine, a book series that I’ve just adored for a long time. In recent years, Horowitz has actually come out with a new book in this series, which ultimately prompts me to start a reread at some point soon. It chronicles the missions of a young teenager who has been picked up by MI-6 due to the fact that his family had worked for them as well. I’ve always loved the teenage spy premise and so these books have always been incredibly fun for me.

What Horowitz writes, he writes well. I’ve admittedly not read all of his books, but everything I have read, I’ve enjoyed immensely.

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