It’s time for the Readalong update! If you’re following the timeline, by this upcoming Thursday you should be about 75% through Everless, which would put you at page 276. If you want to keep track of the timeline, remember to bookmark this page for future reference, though I continue to put in reminders for each quarterly update. We’re almost finished with our March Readalong!

If you’re new to the blog, or if you’re just looking for a reminder,  all information for monthly readalongs can be found via the link at the top of the page, though I have also included it here: Monthly Readalongs.IMG_0589

And, as always, I wanted to drop a little reminder about the upcoming giveaway! Voting for April’s readalong Book is coming to an end today, so don’t forget to go and vote! The giveaway will feature a choice between April’s book and Everless! It will begin either later today or early tomorrow, depending on where you live and if I get it up in time.

I hope you’re all enjoying the readalong so far, if not the book itself! Don’t forget to leave a comment below or on any of the update posts to let me know that you’ve joined the readalong so that you can have three bonus entries for the giveaway!

Regarding the book (so spoilers!);

It seems I have a habit of finishing the book in the third quarter thus far, namely because the readalong books have really picked up once I get to this point. As it’s the third quarter, I’m only going to be commenting on the third portion of the book.

Thus far, it’s been an interesting back and forth ride that leaves me questioning my overall feelings of the book. I’ve realized I’m utterly unimpressed with the plots surrounding Roan and, in fact, I find them kind of ridiculous due to the fact that his character isn’t well developed. Readers have been told who he supposedly is, but we almost never get the chance to see it. His appearances in the book are so utterly fleeting and I largely feel that Holland never really bothers to take the time to let us get to know any of the characters very well.

There’s an odd sense of the book being fast paced where quite a lot seems to happen but it’s at the expense of getting to know the characters. I think my overall reaction of the third quarter is simply that everything feels weird, and not in a good way. Out of everything, though, I think the insta-friendships between Jules, Ina, and Carrow made the relationships feel extremely flat and forced. It just wasn’t realistic or sensible and ultimately it made reading this portion a little difficult.

What are your thoughts? How do you feel about the third quarter of the book? What do you think about the instant friendships? The characters themselves? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, happy reading!

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