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chauncey rogersThis is my first time participating in a blog tour and I’m so thrilled to have Happily be my first experience with one. This book was impressive in all the right ways and Chauncey Rogers has made this such a wonderful experience for me thus far. It’s his first time with a blog tour as well, so be sure to sit back, read along, leave a comment or two, and have fun! We’re all only just getting started but we’ve got quite a few wonderful posts planned for you guys and I can’t wait to share them!blog tour3

Happily tells the tale of a young street urchin called Laure who develops a plot to trick the lazy and rich royals into sharing some of their wealth and comfort with her by getting the slipper to fit her! Now don’t be mistaken, Laure is no Cinderella but this fairytale is by no means any less fantastic. A first time Young Adult novel and a first-time fantasy, Rogers’ Happily is an immensely clever take on an old fairytale.

So pop on over to Chauncey’s Blog Tour Welcome for more information and more posts as we embark on our own journey with this wonderful novel. I’ll update you all as each new post comes along cause we’ve got a lot of fun ones you won’t want to miss!

As always, happy reading everyone!

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