“That’s the most Shadowhunterish thing I’ve ever heard.”

IMG_0481I, frankly, think the title of this short story is a little dull and doesn’t really capture any of the moments in it. I almost wonder if it seems misleading. Regardless, this is a rather cute story and it does a fantastic job of bringing readers back to the very familiar characters they perhaps loved from the original series about Shadowhunters and the world they run.
Set around the time of the first book in Clare’s newest series and, I believe, included at the end of Lady Midnight (though I could have my books mixed up), this short story details Simon and Isabelle’s engagement party as organized by Clary and Jace. I think, ultimately, it was nice to see the characters again. I’m reminded somewhat of how much I did really enjoy her books when I first read them and I think that’s ultimately why I’ve always found it hard to stop reading Clare’s books, despite wanting to.

There’s definitely a lot of nostalgia in reading this short story and while I do somewhat feel as though the characters have distanced themselves from how they were originally–perhaps there’s something dulling about not having someone formidable scheming to destroy the world that takes a bit away from the story. I almost wish I’d been more excited about the conversation that the title foreshadows, but ultimately it didn’t make me feel a whole lot.

At the end of the day, I’ll say this, fans are likely to enjoy this short story for its cuteness and the nostalgia.


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