Blog-Tour-Schedule-533x1024So, the Happily blog tour has been going well and I promised you all that I’d update you on the posts that are coming as they do. I’ve got two days worth of post for you, four exciting things to read about the wonderful book that came out just yesterday! I’m excited to share them with you all and so, without further ado!

How Does the Hair Fall Again? – Visit to read author Chauncey Rogers’ take on describing characters!

Say What? – Hop over to for a look into the writing of dialogue!

Shortcut to the East Indies – Self-publishing is scary! (At least to me.) Visit to read a little about Chauncey’s journey in self-publishing!

What If? – I’m sure a great many of us might have a lot to say about this sort of thing. Drop by for a look at Chauncey’s writing process!

If you’re curious about the book or think you might be interested in reading it, go ahead and check out some of these links!
Happily on GoodReads
Purchase Happily on Amazon!

As always, happy reading, everyone!

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