happilyI’m extremely happy to be introducing Chauncey Rogers today, a wonderful author with a wonderful book just out for a feature post on my blog about what he’s going to be up to next in his writing!

What’s Next?

Thanks for hosting me on your blog today, Stephanie!

What’s next for my writing? Who can say for sure?

chauncey rogersI can say that I have plans for a sequel to Happily, and that that is what I’ll be focusing my energy on next. After that I’ll roll right into the final installment of Laure’s and Luc’s story. But beyond that, the future is wide open.

There is the space-opera story that I’ve mentioned a few different places before. It’s patiently waiting in my computer’s hard drive, biding its time until it gets the attention it needs.

There are plenty of ideas beyond that. The trouble is that ideas are rather cheap and easy to come by. It’s turning them into stories and then successfully getting them out there that’s the hard part.

So, what’s next? There are my plans, as much as I’ve made them. Whether they’ll happen or not is impossible to tell, but it will be exciting to find out. Either way, the future is a bright place. 🙂

blog tour3Day 12 of 13 of Happily’s Release Blog Tour. See the full blog tour schedule here.

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Thanks, Chauncey, for dropping by! I hope everyone reading goes to check out the book. Anyone who wishes to can read my review for Happily here and as always, happy reading you guys!

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