atI think I can be fairly certain about the fact that anyone involved in the book world and especially anyone involved in YA knows who Angie Thomas is. Many people who might not even read often have likely heard of her. She is the author of The Hate U Give, a wonderful fiction novel featuring a social commentary that we must work as hard as we can to hear, understand, and change. There is a lot to be grateful to Thomas for and I am so excited and thrilled at the fact that she wrote The Hate U Give, that it is being made into a film, and that she is soon going to be publishing her second novel.

otcuOn the Come Up is yet another book by the marvelous Angie Thomas that features a social commentary that everyone should really be spending more time thinking about. Not only is it wonderful to see more novels with protagonists who are African American, but this book also talks about the very real struggles many African American families unfortunately have to face as a result of the class differences and systematic racism that creates such a discrepancy in the wages of those of different race and different gender. thugIt’s staggering, it’s disproportionate, it’s discriminatory, and I can’t wait to read Thomas’ take on it all.

So take a moment today to have a look at Angie Thomas’ books, to maybe read one, but most of all to celebrate her for all that she has done and is doing. This is a woman to be grateful for.

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