Ah, this is so bittersweet for me because this is my last official readalong post for The Wendy and seeing as I love this book as much as I do, I’m honestly kind of sad to have finished it already. I hope everyone participating enjoyed this book as much as I did.

wendyWe’re rounding down to the end of the month, but of course you still have three and a half days to finish the book on time! Of course, you don’t have to do so since there’s no obligation, but do remember that I only accept featured reviews within the first week of May. If you’ve not signed up for the April Readalong yet and would like to, you can still find all the information for that process on the signups page, however, the giveaway has ended and so the three extra entries won’t count. Don’t forget you can submit your reviews for The Wendy via the link on the Monthly Readalong Page in order to have them featured here on my blog and that will always be available for the current book throughout the month if you lose this post.

But, if you’re looking for a quick link to submit reviews, you can submit them below.

Regarding the book (so spoilers!);

The shining moment of this particular portion of the book, the one that made me cry and that I couldn’t include in my review because of spoilers was when the little girl saluted Wendy. There is just so much in that single moment that grips you emotionally as you read it. Wendy, in her strength and determination, has become a role model for young girls who were just like she was when she was young. And there’s something poignant and beautiful about giving hope to children by persevering and being yourself. This single scene, very near the end of the book, means so much to me.

Wendy is headed off with Hook and the rest of her platoon as well as some shady characters working under Hook (I was just about ready to scream when they were trying to kill Nana), but we’ve got some amazing and wonderful news in light of everything that’s happening! Charlie is back! If you don’t remember him because he wasn’t around for a while, Charlie is Wendy’s best friend from the almshouse. And he just happens t have made it so far in his work that he is the First Mate to Captain Hook!

This is thrilling and wonderful on so many levels, firstly because Charlie is back and I adore him, but secondly, because he is a wonderful person and character who does not hold the ridiculous notion that Wendy is worth less because of her gender. In fact, I imagine he rather looks up to her. And, right there at the end, he gives her the position of Navigator, simultaneously bolstering her position and annoying Hook. I loved it.

The book ends there, of course, with everyone headed off toward Neverland and I cannot wait to find out what happens when they reach it.

What did you think of the book? How do you feel about some of the spoilers I’ve mentioned above (which you can leave a comment about here cause we don’t want to see those in official reviews!)? Be sure to link me to your reviews! I’d love to read them!

As always, happy reading!

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One thought on “In Becoming a Role Model and the Second Star to the Right [Readalong Fourth Quarter Update]

  1. I didn’t include the little girl scene in my review either, but that was one of the best parts of the book!! And I am glad Charlie came back too. He seemed so important in the beginning and then he was just gone and I kept thinking “Where the heck is Charlie”

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