Thanks to Melanie @Melanie Loves Fiction for nominating me like…forever ago since I’m only just getting to it now! You guys should all definitely go check out her blog!

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Three Things About Me

1. When I was younger, my mother’s way of grounding me was to take away my books. I think she’d gotten irritated about the fact that it was so easy to punish my sister for misbehavior, but I didn’t care when the television was taken away or I was sent to my room because I always had books available to entertain me. If you ask me, I think she did grounding wrong.

2. I listen to audiobooks in the shower. I just hate the fact that showering feels so much like I’m not getting anything productive done. I mean, getting clean is super important don’t get me wrong, but so often in my life I tend to multitask and doing only one thing at one time drives me nuts. I also listen to them whenever I’m cleaning or playing a game. I’m listening to one right now, even (it’s Game of Thrones if anyone was wondering). I just feel like I can get a lot more done in my life if I listen to an audiobook alongside everything.



3. My brother is turning 15 this weekend. I know that doesn’t seem like a fact about me, but the thing is…I’ve come up with the most hilarious prank gift ever. So, he’s been ridiculously suggesting (though I should hope he is joking) that our parents buy him a car now that he’s fifteen. I find this baffling considering the fact that I’m 25 and I don’t even have a car! So I bought him a fake car key…that shocks whoever pushes the button to remove the key. I got him a real gift as well, but I’m so excited about this one. Maybe he’ll stop asking for a car after that, lol.

1. If you had a million dollars, what would you spend it on?

Oh gosh, I don’t know. I mean, I probably wouldn’t spend it because if you win a million dollars you should really find a way to turn it into more money so you can be set up for life. Granted, I haven’t the faintest idea how to do this but my boyfriend does and so I imagine that getting that kind of money would result in us trying to take care of being set for the future. Though I have to say, I’d probably take out enough to get rid of my student loans and probably consider going back to school because those loans are such a pain and school is so expensive.

2. What hyped book, do you hate/dislike?

None of you are going to learn anything new about me from this question, tbh. Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s trash literature, for starters, and was written by a woman who couldn’t even grasp basic grammar, let alone character development (not even bad character development was something she could understand) or how to write a decent plot. And then it romanticizes abuse. There’s literally nothing good or worth appreciating about this book. And I hate it more than any book I’ve ever read. I consider it a great misfortune that it found its way into my hands. That book never should have been published on the problematic abusive relationship alone.

3. What is your worst and best trait?

I can be really stubborn, which I guess I would consider my worst trait. It’s not like it’s ever benefitted me anything. As for my best, I really don’t know. I feel weird isolating one just because I don’t feel like it’s my place? This is the sort of thing that is better determined by someone who is not me, to be honest. So, I don’t know. I’m pretty smart? But I don’t know if that’s really enough or my best trait. I mean, at least I’m intelligent enough not to support someone as despicable as Trump? Apparently, we’re lacking that in spades in this country for some reason that completely baffles me.

4. What is the most interesting thing you’ve read this week?

This kills me because I haven’t really been reading much this past week. I’ve just been so busy, what with moving to a new apartment and working. I’d say one of the more interesting things, I think, is learning about a hashtag my work uses (though I think it’s more relearning because I feel like I knew about it before). It’s #thisiswhy and basically involves telling a short story about why we feel so great about working with our kiddos. I’ve told my story time and time again because knowing that I’ve helped a child to finally be able to read is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. I feel so much love for my job and am so excited and hopeful about helping every student who I have the good fortune to work with feel more confident about themselves and happy to read. It means the world to me.

5. If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?

Hahaha, they’d probably think I’d been at a protest. Which, frankly, I think is the only real way I could end up arrested. But then again, I’ve never been to a protest that results in that, though I’ve wanted to. My family has this unfortunate habit of freaking out unnecessarily every time I go to a protest, telling me to “be safe.” Frankly, I think that derails the conversation and as much as I appreciate their concern, it’s always thoroughly unfounded. They just don’t seem to quite understand.


My Best Post

I don’t know how to determine this. I mean, I could pick my favorite (which would be incredibly difficult cause I don’t even know which one’s my favorite). Or I could pick he one with the most likes? Or the most comments? I have no idea. I will say, my review controversies posts were quite popular, much more so than many of my others so I’ve included those. And then, the one with the most likes, because I freaked out at getting signed copies of my favorite book series. :’D

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  1. You have to live the life of your favorite book character. How do you feel?
  2. Would you rather only read your favorite book over again and again or never reread anything new at all?
  3. Which was the book that made you fall in love with reading?
  4. The ideal life for you includes what three things?
  5. Do you like riddles?
    A merchant has a fox, a rabbit, and a head of lettuce and sits on the edge of a river. He has a small raft capable of carrying only himself and one item at a time, but without his supervision, the fox will eat the rabbit, and the rabbit will eat the lettuce. How can he successfully transport all goods from one side of the river to the next without losing the lettuce or rabbit? The dilemma, of course, is true regardless of which side of the river they are on and there is no other way across.

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10 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award; It All Comes Back To Reading

  1. Thanks for nominating me!!! Here is my link:

    Sorry it took me so long to do it and to respond!

    I never got grounded from books but I did get in trouble a lot for reading past my bedtime. My parents would have to take my book to get me to go to bed! But they always let me have it back in the morning!

    I HATED 50 Shades too. I only read half of it and I couldn’t go any further. It made me so uncomfortable, and it ruined good romance novels for me for a while. It even messed with my sex life. It was bad!

    I loved your answer for what you would do with $1M. I would do the same thing! Pay off student loans and then save the rest and only spend the interest. Its so boring, but its smart haha.


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