Time slowed down, but also somehow sped up. Katie’s senses heightened, her heart rate jumped, and she became conscious of every surrounding detail even as she fell into a hallucinatory, oblivious state that felt kaleidoscopically unreal.

92875834-8F5B-415F-83C2-181BCBAA1D05When Katie Met Cassidy by Camille Perri was a really fast read for me. I managed to finish the book within a few hours, not because I was exceptionally engaged or in love with it, but rather because I didn’t feel like spending more time than was necessary throughout my week with it. So, ultimately, I just decided to get it over with as soon as possible. And frankly, I was out of my depth due to the fact that I personally could not assess the realistic level of the novel itself. I’ve read a few reviews thus far — which, frankly, if you’re looking to read this book, I think you should do as well rather than rely solely on mine—that are frustrated with the book’s press largely due to the main characters fitting into rather unfortunate stereotypes. And I do believe that they have a bit of a point. 

However, due to the fact that I’m very straight and do not personally know enough about these experiences to determine the truth of it, I cannot fully ascertain the level of this book’s representation. However, I can say that I found both main characters somewhat annoying for vastly different reasons. Now, I’m not a lover of romance novels and this played a huge part in my opinion of the book.

I prefer not to spend my time with books that focus only on the relationship between two people. I don’t enjoy reading sex scenes no matter who they are between and so I avoid them as much as I can. When Katie Met Cassidy does not have sex scenes, but rather lengthy build-ups and then the aftermath which I admittedly did appreciate, however, the rest of the book fell into the annoyingly typical theme that most romance novels do. 

I’m beginning to think that there’s a reason why I only enjoy love stories when they’re centered around some sort of adventure.

When Katie Met Cassidy was agonizingly boring and dull. The bulk of the book’s time is spent focused solely on the two main characters and every single one of the, admittedly more interesting, supporting characters were literally only there to offer some sort of commentary on the relationship status of the other characters. And good skies, it was excruciating. The main characters themselves were barely developed at all and nearly everything about the relationship between them felt like it came out of nowhere. There was no growth shown, but rather the characters jumped from being one way to another way at the snap of my fingers. 

I personally believe the world needs amazing stories about characters with sexualities that have not been written about nearly often enough, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like When Katie Met Cassidy is one that can be referred to as amazing. There are, unfortunately, an uncountable number of terrible straight romances out there, so I am glad that this book does exist, at the end of the day. 


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