B341050E-9D2C-444C-8709-BF91279993CDIt’s that time of year again where I find myself curling up for just about the umpteenth time with this book. It’s almost as though I’ve developed something rather akin to an obsession with this novel and subsequent series that I can’t seem to go more than six months without rereading the whole thing. I first reviewed Cinder in 2016 when I first began this blog, several years after I’d first gotten my hands on what I had then believed would be yet another disappointing read—but, hey, there was nothing else available and interesting enough at the time—and was astoundingly proven wrong as it has since become my most cherished book series. Back then it was called From Me to You, more as a tribute to the fact that I very clearly did not have any creative ideas and wasn’t really taking the whole blogging thing all that seriously. 

Admittedly, my review, while raving, was rather paltry. 

It’s for this purpose that I’ve ultimately come to the conclusion that my favorite author of my all time favorite book series deserves a little more than that from me after all her words have given me over the past six years. And so I’ve decided to re-review Cinder and officially write individual reviews for each of the following books in the series. And as the best form of gratitude a reader can give a writer is to leave reviews for the work they have put out into the world, I’m really glad to be doing this. 

I plan on re-posting this later, just so I can include the links to all the reviews following as they are posted. Hopefully my bragging about the books that have become my best friends will introduce their amazing-ness to people who might feel the same as I do.

As always, happy reading everyone!

EDIT: So, I only managed to finish reviews for a few of the books, but here are the links below:

Wires and Nerve Volume 2: Gone Rogue

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