Your world is so strange.

BB38CB58-C089-4418-B116-0FCD6DF07ECFI genuinely didn’t know what I was going into when I picked up The Music Box by Carbone, which is illustrated by Gijé. But the cover was gorgeous and so naturally I couldn’t help myself. Much to my immense surprise and pleasure, I absolutely loved it! A middlegrade graphic novel, The Music Box combines stunning illustrations with exciting and intriguing characters that you simply cannot help falling in love with.

It follows the story of a young girl called Nola whose father gives her a music box that once belonged to her mother on her eighth birthday. But the music box is much more than it appears to be at first and soon Nola is whisked away on a rather exciting, albeit terrifying, adventure in a world where people happen to know of her mom quite well.

I had a great deal of fun reading this book. The story was well done and the artwork was beyond impressive. Frankly, I think this is a perfect gift for young readers who enjoy graphic novels (and even those who don’t). The plot is somewhat simple, but given the age range for this particular novel, I don’t see that as problematic in any way. I do, however, wish that there had been more to it and that it hadn’t been so fast paced, which initially resulted in me rating the book at four stars. The more I think about it, though, I realize that this desire doesn’t really merit a four star book, and thus I changed my rating accordingly.

I really loved this story and I think many others will, too.


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