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1FF90A4A-C244-4C21-B410-B77DC7E55781Foxes, foxes, foxes, foxes, foxes!! Okay, so there are only three foxes in this story, but STILL.

Ozy and Millie is a graphic novel, or collection of comic strips, by Dana Simpson. While I’ve never read any of her other works and really only picked this one up because of my great love of all things fox related, I did think it was quite an adorable read for the afternoon today. Simpson appears to have gained popularity with Phoebe and her Unicorn and while cute looking, I don’t think I’ll be reading them. Unicorns just aren’t my thing.

Ozy and Millie follows two fox fifth graders as they get into all sorts of fiasco-driven fun, go to school, and bug their parents. And it was pretty dang adorable. I love the artwork and I’m especially in love with Ozy’s dad, Llewellyn, who is a dragon. As Ozy is a fox, he’s also adopted. Llewellyn is great fun to read when he’s around and his text takes on an entirely different font than the others to match a more medieval theme which I thought was super cool.

While I did adore the book, I do feel that it doesn’t really fit the middlegrade genre. Despite the ages of the main characters, there are a lot of discussions they have throughout the strips that just don’t seem to match the age level of children who might end up reading them. One comic directly references Machiavelli which I frankly don’t think many fifth graders will even have heard of by this point in their lives, let alone know what it means. That being said, there were a few that I feel kids would enjoy and understand.

Overall, it’s a cute work and one that I certainly wouldn’t mind having on my shelf, though I wouldn’t go out of my way to get my hands on a copy. Simpson is a genuinely talent artist, though I do believe her story fits more of a teen audience. And though I know this particular book was meant more as a collection of old works than as a full story, I was a little disappointed at not having more of an introduction to the characters themselves at the beginning as I felt the whole thing began by sort of throwing readers straight into something with very little background (though the introductory letter from the author at the beginning was an appreciated touch).

I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Ozy and Millie is available for purchase on August 28, 2018.


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