Hello everyone and welcome to the first blogger appreciation/support post. This is my new Sunday theme, involving a post to celebrate some awesome book reviews from various blogs around the internet. This is going to be a weekly post every Sunday, so if you’d like your blog considered feel free to post a link in the comments!

BBB6D0C3-4079-4493-B532-0CA0B3A56EF3Today’s feature is from a book blog with what I frankly think is one of the best names I’ve ever seen. Alexia from Her Nose Stuck in a Book has read a novel called Roar by Cora Carmack and while I had not heard of it prior to reading her review, I can definitely say I’m quite interested in getting myself a copy now that I’ve read her thoughts. Roar sounds crazy intriguing, with a fantastically original plot involving magical storms and a very strong princess. Also, just look at how gorgeous that cover is. It definitely seems like a book worth adding to my shelf.

…I started this book with such different expectations that I can officially say, that my mind has been blown away entirely by the course of events in this book. Roar is a stubborn, determined, and foxy young woman & princess who’s willing to do whatever it takes to be the Stormling…

So, hop on over to Her Nose Stuck in a Book to read the full review! And maybe you’ll be adding a new book to your TBR, just like I did!

Happy reading, everyone!

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