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Well, this isn’t exactly book related but it’s definitely a subject that can garner my interest. I watch a lot of shows, truth be told, but there are only a few that I will sit down and binge straight through. And here they are.

955EFC0A-9A85-4D02-8C93-25DEFC78575310. Kim Possible

Ah, childhood. Boy, did this show play a role. I loved this show so much growing up. It was great fun and both Kim and Ron were wonderful characters I just adored. I think Kim was quite possibly the very first super strong female role model I had in my life, and you better believe I wanted to be just like her. I think it was one of those moments where I realized that the girl isn’t always the one being saved, but sometimes she can do the saving. And I think that meant a lot to me back then, it definitely does now. I’ve binged this show a couple times as an adult and I still love it deeply.

779D1448-C13D-45CC-B188-06A9C5CFD3F49. Baby Daddy

This is one of those lighter, silly humor type shows that I just fell in love with. This was largely due to the fact that I loved Danny and was hardcore rooting for him throughout the entirety of the show. Now, Baby Daddy managed to piss me off on numerous occasions (re-Ben is a douche) but I still enjoyed many of my moments watching it. Tucker was fantastic and hilarious and frankly it was just quite perfect. A modern spin on Three Men With a Baby, a film I loved growing up, it’s no wonder I enjoyed this show.

F290B9F0-7485-46A8-985B-75E34B88A6B28. Charmed

This is another one of my early years shows. I watched this through out my adolescence, stopping at around thirteen when the show was finally canceled. I was always a rather big fan of Charmed, especially enjoying the first three seasons as I always preferred Prue over Paige. Charmed was the first real show that I ever got addicted to, regularly going out of my way to make sure I had episodes pre-recorded (this was back in the days of recoding over the same VHS tape once a week to ensure you didn’t miss your favorite show. I remember getting so angry with my dad because he’d taped a football game over my most recent Charmed episode. What a flashback, huh?

41DCDA0B-F6B1-43C7-9941-9A4509AF0CE87. Galavant

Another one of those ridiculous ABC Family (cause Freeform is just DUMB) tv shows that I just got hopelessly addicted to. I will likely forever be in love with some of the more amazing songs that this show had. And while the plot might have been silly and the songs poking fun at all sorts of things, I had so much fun watching this show and I almost regularly rewatch it whenever I’m in need of a laugh. I dunno, this show just has something really special going for it. And sure, they bombed the second season to the point where there’s as no way a third would ever come about, but that’s okay because I still got some pretty amazing music to listen to because of it. Just go listen to the intro song. You’ll understand.

41D99AC9-46F9-4462-B8A2-E219F06345326. Big Mouth

Holy hell, was this show hilarious. It’s definitely awkward, and definitely NSFW, and definitely has its uncomfortable moments. But it’s so beautifully honest and real about puberty and all the things that come along with it, that you can’t help but appreciate the really inappropriate moments for how truthful they are. I’ll admit, that first episode is a lot to take in, but if you can get over the initial shock and horror you initially have, it’s really a show that’ worthwhile. Puberty isn’t something that’s PG, after all, and we’ve all been through it. Big Mouth is the most honest I’ve ever seen anything about puberty be.

C2F4438C-E740-43A7-ACC9-24A4DF465D3A5. Robin Hood

This is the one from the BBC, a show I was introduced to when it was on Netflix and grew head over heels for incredibly quickly. I’ve always been a massive fan of all things Robin Hood and this show was just about the most perfect rendition of his tale that I’ve ever managed to find. This show had everything I needed and more. It was basically perfect…so long as you forget that a third season exists and ignore that final episode ending in the second season, because let’s be real, that was absolutely un-fucking-acceptable and the show writers are monumental dumbarses for even thinking that such a decision was okay. And I mean, I totally could’ve gotten over it if that blonde bitch from the third season never showed up, but you just had to go and make it worse, didn’t you? Ahem, anyway.

5BF38234-11BB-46B9-91D8-938701F6A5E54. The 10th Kingdom

This one is basically impossible not to binge. I mean, really, you can’t start The 10th Kingdom and not finish it within the next 24 hours because if you do…dishonor, dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow. This is one of those made for TV mini series’ that never really got the attention it deserved, as far as I’m concerned. There’s so much to love about The 10th Kingdom and I don’t get to fangirl over it nearly often enough because 90% of the world seems to have never heard of it. If you like fairytales in any way, shape, or form do yourself a favor right now and go watch this. It’s free if you’ve got Amazon Prime.

5940573E-CC3A-4026-8516-84D6B9D998753. Boy Meets World

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve binge watched this show. I think it’s frankly quite a crime if you’ve never done it. I wasn’t the right age for this show when it was being made, but I fell in love with it during its rerun period once the actors had gotten a little older. I’ve loved it ever since and I even got my brother, who is ten years younger than me, to love it as much as I do. Which is quite a feat, let me tell you. Boy Meets World is real, honest, and relatable af. It was a huge part of my life and still is to this day (even if they totally bunchered Girl Meets World).

D2175538-8987-4B51-A895-304DD27A70DE2. Game of Thrones

Ugh, these last two were massively hard to decide between and Game of Thrones very nearly made it into the number one spot. I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this show and all the things I love about it. But there is one very important thing about it that makes this show just a little bit harder to binge than the one that just barely beat it on here by a margin. Game of Thrones is a lot to take in. It’s long, it leaves you feeling energized and exhausted all at once. There’s so much to it that you get confused easily and have to rewatch certain pieces or you wont fully understand. You forget characters left and right only to have them show up later and you have no memory of who they are. It’s just a bit of a task. It’s a fantastic and worthwhile one, but it just makes it a tiny bit less bingeworthy.

ACFD7EE3-1AEB-4F07-891A-ECED0E1CACDA1. Stranger Things

Never in my life would I ever have believed that I would put a show that scared the ever living hell out of me on the top of a list like this. And yet, here we are, because Stranger Things is quite possibly the best show in the world to binge watch. And I mean, you’ve scared as hell when you’re watching it and you might have nightmares about this weird flower looking monster coming to eat you in the middle of the night for the next six months, but damn was watching it worth it and you’re sure as hell going to be recommending it to all of your friends. I’m just saying.

And that’s all for now! Happy reading, everyone!

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7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday; Shows Left Me Binging

  1. Big Mouth is such a weird show but I really enjoyed it! I also started watching Game of Thrones (which I am already of season 7) and although I have some problems with it, it’s addicting!


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