Hello and welcome to Sunday’s aSupport Feature! Today’s awesome book blogger is Gabriella an aspiring writer whose posts I really enjoyed reading. A really exciting part of my day was reading her About Me page and realizing she and I actually had quite a bit in common.

We’re both from typically hot Western states, both work with kids who have special needs, and now that my boyfriend and I have adopted Mickey we both also have dogs who are basically our whole lives. And as cool as that was, I can’t help feeling massively jealous that she had access to an ARC for Fat Girl on a Plane, a book I’ve been exceedingly desperate to get my hands on.

I really enjoyed reading Gabriella’s take on this book, especially as she puts her own experiences forward to depict how well Kelly DeVos manages to capture real life feelings and experiences in her novel. This book was already on my list, but I’m glad to see how it’s been enjoyed thus far.

“…Can we talk about the ‘villain’ of Fat Girl on a Plane? If you’ve already read it you’re probably thinking I’m talking about Kennes, but I am talking about…”

So head on over to Gabriella M Reads for the full review.


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