A433974C-C250-49E1-80E6-7C9A5649BBCBCarl Hiaasen, famed author of the rather popular book Hoot is coming out with a new book this year! Squirm is due to arrive on shelves on September 25th and I’m already dying to read it. So, naturally, when it comes to today’s throwback I figured why not feature my review of Hoot?

My initial introduction to this book was, perhaps quite understandably, the film. I was fairly young when it came out, after all, and I certainly enjoyed it quite a lot. And so, of course, eventually I came to read the book. Now, it’s been a long time since I read this book and an equally as long time since I wrote and even read the review. Chances are that I’ll cringe a bit when I do look back on it, so instead I think I’ll just leave you all a link and not bother.

If you’re curious to check out my review for Hoot, go ahead and click. If not, at least have a look at the cool and very Hiaasen-y cover for his new book cause it’s pretty on par.

Happy reading, everyone!

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