So, I don’t typically read romance. But I do listen to audiobooks quite often on account of the fact that I enjoy getting more reading done during the times when I have to take care of those pesky adult responsibilities that I simply can’t ignore (cleaning is a big one). But when I review an audiobook, I’m really just reviewing the content of the book and not the audio reader.

Eline at Lovely Audiobooks, however, reviews everything in its entirety which I find quite refreshing and intriguing. It’s definitely great to hear a reader’s take on the voice actor who’s reading the book to them. I had an experience recently where I could’t listen to an audiobook because the voice was too annoying to me—Alexandra Braken’s The Darkest Minds—and while that doesn’t happen often for me, it could be interesting to note in a review which I had initially not intended to do. There’s a strong chance I still won’t, however it is wonderful to know there are blogs dedicated to reviewing and discussing person giving voice to the story. We definitely don’t give these people enough credit, I think.

As for Lovely Audiobooks, I certainly do love the way she reviews and had a blast reading them. For now, definitely check out her blog and here’s an excerpt from one of her reviews!331AAEC1-BD00-47BC-8236-54C42D6AB5D4

I could honestly have Jeremy York in my ear all day. This audiobook was really good fun on every level. You might or might not know that I always listen with the critical ear of a feminist, so…

Visit The Dark Corners of His Mind and a Feminist’s Ear for the full review!

Happy reading, everyone!

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