I have a friend who would just love this blog if she were a mom. She’d probably still love it anyway, but I definitely see her really appreciating it once she has children. Now me, I’m not a horror person, and I’m certainly not the lover of Halloween or anything like that. However, I was pretty excited to read the reviews Jessica has taken the time to write. Spooky Kid Lit is definitely one of my favorite blogs at this point.

I love the focus, the children’s stories that she’s featured, and just the way she writes about them. It’s definitely introduced me to some books that I likely never would have found otherwise and am genuinely excited to suggest for my niece since she just loves her scared monster book. I have a feeling she’ll adore quite a few of these.

4728F80C-B050-4D40-9551-1748567B2D3CWith that said, though, the review I decided to feature in today’s post is for Born Scared by Kevin Brooks(so please click to show her some support!). I loved Jessica’s view on the story and am genuinely curious about reading the book now that I’ve read her review. And as my blog is primarily YA, it makes more sense to point toward this one. However, I’d like to make a special shout out to How to Cook a Princess because it looks absolutely hilarious (delicious? 😋). DFDF45ED-33FE-4169-89A6-F735A2734169

“I honestly can’t say if this reading experience would be more enjoyable for people who don’t suffer from anxiety disorders, but what I can say is that this is a well-written, compelling story that may help people understand what it’s like to live with mental illness.

Anyway, have a look! Show Jessica and Spooky Kid Lit some support! And happy reading, you guys!

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