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Some of these Top Ten Tuesdays are ridiculously difficult for me. I literally have to search for a rather crazy amount of time to actually find all the books that fit the category. This one in particular was fairly complex as I don’t tend to have books by my favorite authors that don’t get read. I’m pretty good about keeping up with them and making sure that I have access to their new titles ASAP. Resultingly, this list now includes currently unpublished books. I’m honestly surprised I was able to fit my favorite author on here.

10. Furyborn by Claire Legrand

I have no idea what Furyborn is about, though it is on my TBR. The main thing about Claire Legrand is the fact that I just fell utterly in love with her Nutcracker retelling (though I was less in love with it’s companion novella). It was, frankly, beautiful and I honestly can’t believe I never bothered to get myself a copy of this book. I loved her other one so much and it’s kind of just dumb that I didn’t make more of an effort to get my hands on the rest of her works. Clearly that will have to change.

9. The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan

Who doesn’t love Rick Riordan’s work at this point? I haven’t even begun to read every single book he’s published because there are a lot of them. But they are well worth reading if the ones I’ve managed to get to have been any indication. Riordan does retellings of old religious myths and as an avid lover of Greek Mythology, I can say without question that his books definitely have given the world a wonderful look into these stories in a new and exciting way. I definitely need to get back into his books.

8. The Shadow Society by Marie Rutkoski

I absolutely adored Marie Rutkoski’s The Winner’s series and so naturally it stands to reason that I would deeply enjoy her other books. And yet I’ve not read a single other book she’s written. I’ll definitely get around to it at some point, but I’ve definitely run into a problem of forgetting about some of the books I’ve put on my TBR. This book was one of them.

7. The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

I keep meaning to read Alexandra Bracken’s The Darkest Minds but every time I try, something comes up. Be it the fact that I simply could not stand the voice of the person who read the audiobook and resultingly couldn’t listen to it, or the fact that other books have simply taken buying priority, I just haven’t gotten around to reading this one. Which is a shame because the movie just came out recently. So, I’m down on two accounts and I can’t decide whether to read the book first or watch the movie. It’s a serious dilemma.

6. Never Say Die by Anthony Horowitz

This one is the newest in the Alex Rider series and I am so upset because I thought I had finished it. And now I have to go back and reread every single book in the series so I can start this one. Maybe I’ll wait til I have a kid to read it all to, but either way I have a big undertaking to go through. There were already thirteen or so books in the series before this one, after all. I think the thing that irritates me most about this one, though, is the fact that this new one likely won’t match the covers I already own. And that is infuriating.

5. Broken Things by Lauren Oliver

Lauren Oliver is an amazing author whose books I loved and simply couldn’t put down. From the mind boggling Before I Fall to her utterly gorgeous Delirium series and finally to her first middlegrade novel, I have loved her work and originality. I’ve also been immensely jealous, but that’s another matter. But it’s been a while since I’ve read her work, unfortunately, and I couldn’t for the life of me tell you why. But I’ll find my way back to reading her books eventually.

4. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

I’ve never read the Uglies series and yet I love Scott Westerfeld. How? Well, his Leviathan series is one of the most perfect books I’ve ever read in my entire life. I love it more than I can even begin to describe and I even bought it for one of my students this summer. I keep meaning to read his other books, but weirdly enough I haven’t really been all that motivated to read them. I guess I’ve just determined that he probably won’t outdo the books I’ve already read by him.

3. The Labyrinth of Spirits by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

If anyone has ever read any of the books in The Cemetery of Forgotten Books series, you should go do so now. The only reason this book is here on this list is because it’s not published yet. And I desperately need it. The Shadow of the Wind was such a phenomenal novel, I sort of expect the same from every Zafon book now. And he definitely didn’t disappoint with the prequel book The Angel’s Game. What can I say? This guy is an amazing writer and I am addicted to his words.

2. The Intuitives by Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown

This is number one on my list of books that I keep meaning to buy but never do. I don’t know why that is, tbh, since it seems like such a good book and I know the authors are fantastic. I think it just slips my mind and I somehow only ever remember it during times when I’m paying a bill and don’t have any spending money left. I will get it eventually and when I do it’ll be at the top of my to read list.

1. Archenemies by Marissa Meyer

Hello favorite author of all time with new book that’s coming out in a series that I admittedly don’t love as much as her debut series. That’s alright, though. I’m still excited about it even if I’m not as in love with it as I am with The Lunar Chronicles but I still love her writing and Meyer is honestly the best. It’s basically my dream to meet her someday in the future, to have ARCs of all her Lunar Chronicles books, and to have every book I own by her signed. I’m super extra where Marissa Meyer and The Lunar Chronicles is concerned. I can’t help it.

And that’s all for now! Happy reading, everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday; Favorite Authors I’ve Missed

  1. All these books sound super interesting! I have a few of them but also haven’t gotten to them haha sometimes I’m actually thinking of starting a booktube channel just so I have more motivation to actually finish books but eh haha


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