So, whilst browsing a Barnes and Noble during my trip today, I happened to get a chance to read the first few chapters of the new Hocus Pocus book, one that I literally screamed upon learning of. And it was really exciting, wonderfully written from the short bit I was able to get my eyes on. And from the moment it first passed under my radar, I knew I needed this book on my shelf. I almost needed it for the cover alone. The fantastic writing and story I’ve loved since childhood with the added bonus of a new sequel are just an added perk.

Now, barring the somewhat ridiculous Disney logo that really has no place being on this book–seriously, what were they thinking?–this cover is everything I want it to be. I mean, how could I not be in love with the Halloween moon or the way the mouths and hair of each witch perfectly matches the wonderful actresses from the film? There’s so much perfection in such simple artwork that I honestly cannot get enough.

I mean, just look at Mary!

Now, I’ll be honest. I’m not a big fan of Halloween. Never have been. It’s never been a great love of mine or anything like that. But I have always loved Hocus Pocus. I watch the movie every year in the month of October as my Halloween is never complete without seeing it. And having this film that I love so much, that is a huge part of my childhood in book format that is written well is something I’m thoroughly excited for.

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