B969E095-69A5-422B-BA97-476C612D7D1FI’ll be honest, the first time I heard about Blogoween, I was one hundred percent sure that I would not be taking part. I’m not a Halloween person, I don’t care for or love the holiday, and I’m not even the sort of person who loves Autumn/Fall—honestly, I hate sweater weather. And frankly, don’t even get me started on that I cringe every time I think of it movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Sure, dressing up is cool but I’m in a place in my life where it’s just not as fun as it used to be. Spooky is definitely not my middle name and I typically leave all the witches and darkness and spiders and creepy to my best friend Martha who, as it happens, actually really loves all of that stuff. And I’m pretty happy to leave it all in her domain, thank you very much.

And yet, this is a sign up post. Why? Well, by the time my twitter clicks actually brought me to the website that fully explained what Blogoween was, it didn’t sound too out of my scope. I already try to post every single day as it is, so why not include some Halloween themed posts during the month of October?

I don’t know if I’ll keep it up. This time of year has never really been my thing. But, you know, if it ends up being fun, it was at least worth joining in. Happy October everyone. I imagine a lot of you really love it quite a bit more than I do and I’m sure there will be a lot of exciting posts making their way onto everyone’s blogs this month!

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