I am amazed at how quickly I can suddenly find myself behind in everything. And all it takes is going back to work and finding out that your OM had to resign. Suddenly our understaffed problem is becoming bigger. And, to be fair, after all that traveling, I’ve just been massively tired. But, it’s Thursday and I know I need to get back into the swing of things before I truly become so behind that I just don’t backdate these posts at all.

8978E42A-6307-4694-B9E3-C3C7380422F1I’ve recently finished Evermore by Sara Holland AND Spark by Sarah Beth Durst—a day of Sara[h]s it seems, and will be reviewing both shortly, which is exciting. Of course, that would make today a really great opportunity for me to do a throwback to my initial review of Everless, but apparently I never got around to writing it!

8F32E2AA-0B9D-4252-A760-4DFCA1E1E396Fortunately, Everless was one of those books I read around the time that I was really dedicating myself to my monthly readalongs and happened to be one of the ones I’d chosen! So, I do have some Everless commentaries to flashback to for anyone who is interested. Ironically, I had decided not to read the sequel and subsequently forgotten about that decision. Can’t say I care either way that I forgot about it, but I can say that I liked Evermore quite a bit more than Everless.

Anyway, here are the ping backs for anyone interested in my initial thoughts of the first book in this series.

Stolen Years and Deteriorating Fathers; Everless, March Readalong [First Quarter Update]

Conversations Through Walls and Purple Hands; March Readalong [Second Quarter Update]

Influences High Up and Insta-Friendship; March Readalong [Third Quarter Update]

A Farewell to a Useless Character and a Semi-Surprising Villain [Fourth Quarter Update]


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