ED4097B7-CB66-4F8B-BFC3-E960861A1A06I missed this last week because I was busy, but I wanted to make sure I got to continue my Blogger Support Feature this weekend! Today, I’m featuring a review from Mandy @ Devouring Books. As always, the YA book blogs are my absolute favorite since they tend to fall in line more with what I love to spend my time reading than some others do.

I always love taking time to do these cause it gives me an opportunity to set aside time to browse blogs and find out more about the people behind them. The About page is one of my favorites and I was excited (and overwhelmed) to learn that Mandy has three utterly adorable dogs she’s included pictures of on that particular page. I’ve only just gotten one dog and he’s such a handful that I have to applaud her on the commitment. It seems pretty amazing.

As for the review I’ll be featuring, I’ve decided to go with Mandy’s review of A Danger to Herself and Others. This is the first time I’ve featured a review for a book that I’ve read, but I was just so fascinated with this novel that it was truly wonderful and exciting to read Mandy’s take on it. So, please, hop on over to Devouring Books to give her review a read and some much deserved appreciation.

This novel manages to stand out among the many other books with similar settings. The writing feels so personal and Hannah is a character that is fleshed out so well that the novel grabs you…

As always, I wish you all happy reading!


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2 thoughts on “Devouring Books [A Danger to Herself and Others] Blogger Support Feature

  1. OMG THANK YOU! This is so sweet of you! This book is a special one to have you share because it highlights mental illness which is really important for more people to learn about. It was a fantastic read and everyone who has Netgalley I suggest you request this title because it was amazing.

    My dogs are a handful, but they are also my saving grace. My English Springer Spaniel (the black, brown and white one) sleeps with me every night and helps me so much with my PTSD nightmares, she wakes me up whenever I start screaming in my sleep, and when I wake up she is right there to comfort me. She is the best dog ever, and although she is not a registered therapy dog she helps me so much. I love having dogs and my golden is 13 and I just pray that I get another year with her. I love them so much and they make me laugh every day, which is invaluable.

    Thank you SO much for sharing this!


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