It has been a long time since I did a book haul post. I keep meaning to, especially since I started getting a book box, but somehow it always seems to just slip my mind. Well, there are a lot of books that should be included in this current post but I was simply too lazy to go and pull them all of the shelf, so you’re only getting the few that came this week since I haven’t had the wherewithal to put them away yet (ironically, my boyfriend yelled at me for that this morning, whoops).


Two of these are signed, which is pretty amazing and exciting. Though, naturally, I’m going to try and put Girls of Paper and Fire on my to read immediately list since it’s not out yet and maybe I’ll be able to pass it along to someone prior to the release date. Of course, who knows if I’ll be able to manage that with the way my time has been going lately. It can suck being busy, busy, busy.

img_8107But, on the bright side I managed to complete my Goodreads Reading Challenge this week! There’s a bright side to walking to work and it’s that I can read on the way—I suppose I probably shouldn’t, but I can’t help it—and then there are all those short breaks I get in so I’ve been lucky for that, at least. It was a NetGalley ARC that got me to it, too, which was exciting on my end.

I’ve actually managed to do quite well for myself with NetGalley in recent months. Whereas before, when I first created an account back in 2016, I made all the mistakes a newbie NetGalley member does. Requesting too many books, not even getting to them because many weren’t as good as I had hoped they’d be. I was still pretty amateaur at reviewing back then, too, so the actual act of reviewing was just so frustratingly difficult. But now I’m at a happy 72% with a ton of books reviewed and a sizeable amount to still read. It’s been nice, especially when I get approved for books that I’m exceedingly excited to read which has happened a few times now.

And I think, if I were to give anyone a specific bit of advice for how to get your review ratio up, I would say to look toward the middlegrade and graphic novels section. They’re quick reads and equally quick reviews that can really help knock out all those longer ones that are going to take you a bit more time and effort to give feedback. Every bit of feedback counts, after all, and your account is better off with the more that you’ve reviewed. Also, I’ve noticed that I get approved for a lot more middlegrade books than anything else, so it’s a really great place to start if you’re willing to read those sort of books.

As always, happy reading to you all. I hope you’ve had a lovely week.

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3 thoughts on “The Currently Reading and a Book Haul [with a little bit of NetGalley advice]

  1. A bit of NetGalley advice I’d share for those trying to up their ratios is to go back and review older books you had been approved for but hadn’t sent feedback. You might not be contributing to the coming soon hype, but it could still grab someone’s interest and it makes a direct impact on your feedback ratio.

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