cover151130-mediumPerhaps it’s a silly thing to say that I was utterly blown away by Debbie Tung’s Book Love. There’s really no question as to what this book was going to be about, no possibility that I wouldn’t have related to it, and yet I find myself in a place of feeling as though no book has ever truly captured my feelings quite so precisely when it comes to the wonderful books that I’ve grown up loving all my life. Book Love is just so relatable, I feel as though it took a piece of me and turned it into a novel. And I know there are so many others out there who are going to feel exactly the same when they pick this up.

From that annoying friend who always builds your excitement when they mention loving a story only to dash it down when they tell you they love it because they saw the film but have never actually read the book, to the boyfriend who is simply a beautiful wonder as he offers to buy you a book (mine did for our anniversary), every second of this graphic novel fills you with a deep sense of companionship. And really, what more could we ask from the books that find their ways to our shelves? I saw myself in so much of this book and it felt truly wonderful to feel connected to the author as a result.

The love of all things book related is just so deeply ingrained in myself that I could not help falling in love with a book that basically embodies that very feeling in physical format. I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to read this one and you can be certain that come January 2019, I will be buying this book for myself. Perhaps I’ll get it on my birthday since that seems somehow perfectly appropriate. And if you love books, even a little bit, believe me when I say you’ll find yourself among these pages just as I did. And it will feel wonderful.

I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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