It’s Thursday, which is basically code nowadays for starting up a throwback. I swear, I can’t even think about the word Thursday anymore without thinking about a TBT. It’s an interesting concept and I’ve been typically using it to throwback to reviews I’ve written previously but I was thinking today that I’d expand it a little to not only include long time ago, but to also exist as a sort of weekly pingback to all the posts I’ve made.

IMG_0571Today’s throwback is to a book I read several months ago and enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would. I’m not a typical lover of romance novels, but something about this one really just captured my attention and I found myself really enjoying it. If you haven’t given Roomies by Christina Lauren a read, feel free to check out my review and see if it’s for you!

As for this past week, since last Thursday I’ve managed to write eight reviews, which frankly I’m pretty pleased with myself for. I’ve been incredibly behind in posting, after all, and this is something that I feel really accomplished by, even if some of them were written prior and simply posted later. It’s nice to have gotten them out there. If you’ve missed any, I’ve included links right below.

Toxic [Lydia Kang]
Until You [Bridie Blake]
Taken Away [Cyn Bermudez]
Merry Men [Robert Rodi, Jackie Lewis, Marissa Louise, and Shari Chankhamma]
The Revolution of Jack Frost [K. M. Robinson]
Love Spell [Mia Kerick]
The Fox Girl and the White Gazelle [Victoria Williamson]
A Quick & Easy Guide to Queer & Trans Identities [Mady G]

Apart from reviews, I have a review feature through which I provide support to other bloggers by linking to some of their wonderful reviews. Honestly, this is one of my favorite things to do and you should all really go and check out the blogs of these lovely people @ Devouring Books and Clairefy.

Another really exciting thing that I want to reference is the fact that I’m going to be starting The Passalong Pages Project which is basically just something for all you wonderful book bloggers out there where I’m going to send out some of my books into the world and you can partake by receiving and then passing the book along to someone else! Check it out if you think you’d be interested! I really think this one will be a lot of fun!

And finally, just a few random posts that were made this week are linked below!

Whereby I Sometimes Disappear–a quick post explaining my absences in posting every day
Dragon Daughter [Liz Flanagan] Cover Love Friday!
–a gorgeous dragon featured cover!
What’s In A Name?
–brief explanation of small name change
The Currently Reading and a Book Haul [with a little bit of NetGalley advice]
–self explanatory, really.
New Logo!
–that new logo thing I mentioned.

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One thought on “Whirlwind of Weeks; Throwback Thursday

  1. You managed to write 8 book reviews this week? Wow… That’s great. How to be you? hehe.

    I loved Roomies so much too. And have you read Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating by the same author. I juts reviewed it and it’s even better than Roomies. 🙂


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