img_8162I know I just did a dragon cover last week. And while of course that dragon cover was obviously gorgeous, I absolutely fell in love with this cover yesterday. So much so that I very nearly bought the book when I visited Barnes and Noble based on the cover alone. There it was, just sitting out on side shelf display, unapologetically enticing me to buy it. Of course, I didn’t, since I get books a lot cheaper if I order them from the Barnes and Noble website as opposed to buying them in store as a result of my membership.

As it stands, I currently have no idea what this book is about. I don’t know what a Fern Majestic is but I’m certainly very curious. I just love the vibrant blues of this cover, how they really pop out at you from across the store. Whoever came up with this cover certainly knew what they were doing because I was quite tempted to buy it based on the cover alone. The eyes are piercing in a way that makes you feel that the dragon is truly watching you. Smoke is pouring from his mouth, though for what I have no idea. Perhaps the fall of a dragon refers to the fact that he will be attacked.

The blue, grey, and white is a brilliant contrast and I really love the text. I think perhaps it could be a different color, but I’m not unhappy with the one they chose. I’m definitely keeping this book on my radar as far as amazing covers go. And what can I say? I really enjoy dragons.

As always, happy reading everyone!

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