9781771473118_fcThe Sinking of Captain Otter by Troy Wilson is one of those utterly adorable children’s books about friendship and passion. There is the passion to do what you love, even when others may think it silly and ridicule you for it as well as the ability to find friendship with those of like minds who may be experiencing the very same love and struggles that you have. One’s ability to be compassionate and build a long lasting friendship with another as a result of having similar dreams is truly a wonderful message to send to young children.

The artwork is cute and certainly colorful enough to draw one’s attention to the story. With excellent depictions of Captain Otter, his friend, and the other otters and pirates who didn’t believe he was truly up to achieving his dream this story was a pleasure to read. I especially loved how adorable Captain Otter and the ship he worked so hard to make were when they set sail.

I do partially find myself wishing that the story itself had been a little more lyrical since I feel that rhyming in children’s books is always a lot more fun and attention grabbing. I did appreciate the pieces that repeated since that’s become a pretty integral piece of children’s stories for me.

I definitely see this book as one worth reading to your children. It has a wonderful message that it seems far too many children’s books don’t even bother to send. It’s always wonderful to come across one with a deeper meaning and I can definitely say that I would love to send this one to my niece. Every child could find some benefit in reading The Sinking of Captain Otter.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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