I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. I legitimately feel as though I was just writing my link-back post yesterday. Do you feel that, as you get older, the weeks seem to go by faster? You had all the time in the world as a kid, as a teenager, and now it slips through your fingers every chance it gets. I never seem to have time for anything anymore.

I’ve entirely been slacking on my writing project, the book that I’ve been attempting to write unfortunately has sat left unwritten for several months now. I love having a puppy, of course, but I never anticipated how much work he would be and how often it would take away from writing.

I’m looking to set aside time in the future for it, but as of now haven’t figured out when that will be. I’m already spread pretty thin as far as time to do anything goes, so much so that I’ve started writing these during my breaks at work because otherwise I would never get them done and out. Hopefully I’ll be able to start future dating some, but we’ll see.

As for last week, I’ve only written six reviews, as opposed to my eight last week. But they were nice and I’ve actually got some really good books listed below.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (But You Could Have Done Better) [Hilary Campbell]
The Train to Impossible Places [P. G. Bell]
The Sinking of Captain Otter [Troy Wilson]
Dragon Pearl [Yoon Ha Lee]
The Count of Monte Cristo (Manga Classics) [Alexandre Dumas]
Am I Yours? [Alix Latimer]

Reader Fox featured two reviews from two amazing bloggers last week as well, so definitely go check out romance reviewer Demi-Reads and the exciting reviews from The Bursting Bookshelf!

I haven’t had a chance to update the Passalong Pages Project, but I’m looking to do that soon. I will probably be opening sign ups to twitter at some point and get an actual page up. If you don’t know what this is, definitely check it out. I think it’ll be a lot of fun!

The latest YA Releases on my TBR came out yesterday. There are a bunch of cool books that just made it onto my list, so feel free to check them out and maybe add them to yours!

Check out last week’s Cover Love Friday before tomorrow’s!

Top Ten Tusday was about villains this week.

Check out the Christmas books way too early (but also not) post I made yesterday, especially if you like The Nutcracker.

And I’ve recently started rereading Twilight in preparation of getting rid of my teenage year copies. I wanted both to reread it before pulling them off my shelves as well as re-familiarize myself with how it is problematic.

And for now, that’s everything I’ve posted this past week.

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One thought on “We’ve Got No Time and Holidays are Apparently All Happening in the Same Month; Throwback Thursday

  1. Yeps.. no idea where the time end up anymore..

    ahaha that reminds me when Kafei was a puppy.. I was going to college and had passed from my glasses to contacts lenses .. yeah that didn’t lasted long xd smoll puppy didn’t wanted me to leave him to put them on so it went to hell. He’s now 4 with his sister being 3 and I still hasn’t went back to contact lenses. Glasses is just so much easier


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