42279745Okay, okay. It’s not Christmas yet. We still haven’t hit Halloween. I know. I feel your pain at least a little. But I got the ARC and I love this story, so I couldn’t help reading it. I mean, who wouldn’t freak out about a Nutcracker retelling when they love the original so much? It’s such a wonderful story simply by itself. Well, if you follow this blog and happened to catch my last post about this book, you’ll know that I’ve been reading The Enchanted Sonata as I just picked it up recently to read.

I’m about 20% through it at this point and I’m honestly utterly blown away. I can’t go more than a few pages without immediately highlighting portions of text in my ebook to a) remember how much I adore it, and b) rave about it for my future review. Which will be coming as soon as I’ve finished it, but accounting for the fact that I don’t have a lot of time lately and the fact that I have so many other responsibilities, I don’t know when that review will come and simply could not wait another moment to rave about this book to you guys.

D9C0AFC4-9740-4932-9D94-BBED39BECFB1Now, I don’t know how it ends but I have it on good authority that the first twenty percent is perfection. So, if nothing else, that portion is definitely worth your time! I can say undoubtedly that I’m ecstatic that I picked up this book. Hopefully that sentiment remains throughout. In the meantime, though, I’d definitely suggest checking this book out on Goodreads. The Enchanted Sonata is definitely one of those books that flies under the radar as most people don’t seem to have heard of it. And frankly I think that’s shameful considering how good it is.

As always, happy reading! Maybe you’ll even be reading this one?

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