I think the thing about this Nutcracker retelling that is really getting me to fall in love with it is the emotions it brings me. I can’t quite explain how brilliantly Heather Dixon Wallwork has captured that wonderful and wistful Christmassy feeling in The Enchanted Sonata, but it has utterly consumed me of late.

I genuinely keep forgetting that it’s not December yet.

There’s something about the way Wallwork describes sounds that really feels as though you are hearing everything the characters hear, which is thoroughly fascinating. And not only that, but it’s sucks you right into the story. People always talk about feeling as though you could be there, in the story, but for me that’s always been a fairly rare and yet exquisite experience.

And I really love that this book has managed that for me.

I’m about 54% of the way through the book and certain at this point that I will be buying a finished copy. There are some errors I’ve noticed while reading (e.g. repetitive lines and the wrong word used), unfortunately, but as I have an uncorrected proof my hope is that they’ll all have been fixed in the final copy.

As always, happy reading!

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