cover150733-mediumWith simple and catchy rhymes, Sean Callahan and Russell Glass’ Voting With a Porpoise is one of the most important children’s books that I’ve seen published lately. Using captivating illustrations and a clever story to entice children into understanding the importance of voting so that one day, when they’re old enough, they will not succumb to the unfortunate habit many people have today of not going to vote.

The dolphins and the porpoise have all lost their food and have to decide whether to move in order to find some or to remain where they have always been and simply hope that the food returns. Two dolphins on opposing sides argue their positions and rather quickly the idea of having an election is proposed. And so they do.

This book is told with rhymes, which I enjoyed, but I definitely enjoyed the overall message of the story more. Voting is important. Otherwise we may be stuck with situations and lives that we don’t want. The book’s commentary on the importance of elections, the horror of the trash dump into the sea, and the fact that it provides parents with information they can use to set their children up for a healthy future make this book one worth buying for your children.

The only complaint I really have is about the text placement, which occasionally covered parts of the illustrations that I felt it shouldn’t. But that is quite menial in comparison to how much this book will help young minds. And an exciting thing about this book is that the proceeds will be going to non-partisan organizations that work to increase voter turn out.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 


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