twilight_cover_wip_2_by_lovechin88Of course, as someone whose reading at least seven books at any one time it’s taken several days for me to get back to picking up this one. But I did a little bedtime reading last night and powered through four chapters. In truth, there’s not really much that’s occurred yet for me to truly comment on as the action of the story is really only just beginning.

I find it amazing how popular this book became over the years. I, myself, fell right into the path of those who truly loved it. And the more I think about it, the more I can’t help but find it ironic that a specific friend of mine had recommended it because as we got older, her personality made it really obvious to me that of course it would have been her.

But the thing is, Meyer did something that I think a great number of people could relate to. As a teenage girl growing up, we all wanted to be the one that the boys all liked for no reason. We all wanted to be the one that was special in some way. And the ability to put ourselves so wholly into a character as though that were us as a result of that character being so malleable is one I find truly fascinating.

I think that Twilight really had the potential to be really great and might have been had it never delved into the abusive relationship as romantic idea that has been deeply problematic for a number of reasons. You can write the bad boy trope without making it abusive. And it’s already started to show up a little bit in Bella feeling genuinely terrified of the “hostile” reaction Edward has toward her. I’m sorry, but that does not develop a healthy relationship.

I definitely feel like Bella isn’t a character I like. The criticisms about her being so flat aren’t exactly unfounded. She reads as though she could be literally any character ever and to be completely honest, I can’t really connect with a character that knows how to cook as a teenager. I’m an adult and I still can’t do that.

One thing I noticed this time around that I never noticed as a teenager during rereads is how much I grew bored by the moment to moment pieces. It goes through a lot more summary than I realized and while some of that is interesting, much of it is not. And I suppose I’ll always come back to the cooking. I don’t care about it.

We’ll see how the rest of the reread goes and I’ll definitely update when I find more signs of the abusive nature of the novels, something I had not really noticed while reading it because I was a young teenager who didn’t really know anything about abuse at the time. In a weird way, I’m kind of looking forward to finally seeing this for myself in the moment as opposed to looking back and realizing that the new knowledge I’ve acquired about abusive relationships really fits the novel.

As always, happy reading, you guys! I hope you’re having a lovely Halloween!

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