85503D4F-2CAB-46FB-971C-C7A822F805A7I’ve always been somewhat fascinated with these sort of books, though I could never truly justify buying one for myself. They just seemed…like a waste of money? And to be completely frank, I still feel like some of the pointless ones truly were. I mean, honestly…what exactly is the point of drawing a picture and then shredding it to pieces? And yet, they still intrigued me. I was still tempted to purchase one for myself.

But, alas, I never did. My sister, I think, got one once. Which, I suppose, is ironic enough as she has never been quite the book enthusiast nor the writer that I am.

Rip All the Pages was similar to the others; though not quite as fun, it was certainly less pointless. While some of the writing prompts were, in my opinion, stupid and ridiculous, others actually had some merit insofar that they would develop creative minds to write and enjoy doing it. I think, for a young writer, this is a fun book to get them as a gift. They’ll enjoy it.

For anyone older, though, I’d definitely suggest perusing the book before buying. It’s interesting, but nothing amazing as far as I’m concerned. I was also quite annoyed with the fact that there aren’t really any lines on the pages where we’ve been instructed to write and frankly, as a writer, I find that monumentally irritating. I wouldn’t want to write on a completely blank surface as that is basically just a recipe for crooked words.

Good, bad, I think a lot of people will probably enjoy this one.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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