cover152137-mediumLittle Monsters of the Ocean by Heather L. Montgomery is a book that I would not be surprised to find in my school. I’ve encountered a number of very similar books in my time working there and I could definitely see how this might be a fun and informative read for students who enjoy learning about the world of the ocean. Even I, upon noticing this book, grew quite curious due to the rather odd creatures that can be found within the depths of the sea.

Little Monsters of the Ocean takes readers on an informative journey, using creative language both to educate and keep the interest of young readers. The pictures included throughout this book are really intriguing and fun to look at, though I imagine there are some who might find them kind of creepy. I’ve personally a bit of morbid curiosity about these strange looking ocean dwellers.

I enjoyed reading this book and I would certainly enjoy using it with some of my students. The book has several chapters featuring different pieces of the lives of these creatures, beginning with a description of how many more creatures go through a period of metamorphosis in their lives than many of us initially realize. I enjoyed learning about these creatures, especially the blue crab and the lobster.

I’ll admit, the goofy language wasn’t for me but I can see where it would keep a lot of kids’ attention.


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