I read a lot of books at any one time. If you check out my currently reading list on Goodreads, it always typically has several books on it. Truthfully, some of those books have been on there for a long time. Right now, the number is 10 but that’s somewhat inaccurate as I have other books that I’ve started and not added–though I’m trying to be better about that–and I guess that leads me into my first point here.

Do you add all the books you start to your currently reading shelf on Goodreads the day you start them?

I find this is a bit of a struggle for me. I typically forget to bother with Goodreads when I’m starting a new book and will only add the date that I began later, usually once I’ve finished the book, but sometimes shortly before. Of the books on my currently reading list, about four of them have been on there for more than a year.

It’s interesting to look back on this a little more closely and realize all the books I put down for other books I was more in the mood for reading and realize I need to go back and finish them. I really want to make more of a use out of the currently reading shelf and I think what this really comes down to is dedicating more time to putting books I’ve just started on there.

And I guess I was just curious as to how useful everyone else finds this shelf. I really like it, mostly, but I find putting the act of using it into practice rather difficult.

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “The Currently Reading Shelf

  1. For the start I only add books which I have bought or downloaded in the ‘want to read’ shelf. I cant go to another book till i finish the one in hand. So there always just one book which i am actually reading in the ‘Currently Reading’ shelf. Then once I finish with it I mark it as ‘read’.


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